This Day We Fly in Paradise

The advantages of being a part of this family means no frequent flyer enrollment,
no scams or shams just to redeem a free flight, and no outrageous prices, especially on a last-minute notice.

Our membership is designed around a percentage reduction system on flights within our network.
Once a membership level is selected you will enjoy the perks and benefits of that membership level.
Furthermore, there will be consistencies in pricing, customer experience, and a revolutionized check-in and aircraft boarding process.

Paradiso offers 3 level of memberships:
BronzeGold, and Elite.
Each level is designed to suit everyone from college students to CEOs.
Compare our membership levels and see what fits you best!

*Membership packages subject to change



  • Member’s club access
  • 25% off regular flights
  • 30% off Happy Hour flights
  • CarryMeOn Valet


  • Member’s club access
  • 30% off regular flights
  • 35% off Happy Hour flights
  • CarryMeOn Valet
  • Free welcome cocktail
  • Monthly specials


  • Member’s club access
  • 35% off regular flights
  • 40% off Happy Hour flights
  • CarryMeOn VIP
  • Free welcome cocktail
  • First guest free/month
  • Monthly specials


Stay informed!

It’s the best way to stay informed about promotional deals,
upcoming events, and special announcements and offers.